Continous Magnetic Level Indecator

Khemas LEVEL continuous magnetic liquid level measurement devices are flanged on the side/top of vessels or containers. It consists of a chamber housing pipe with a float inside attached with a permanent magnet. External to the pipe a distinct two coloured (Red & White) Rollers consisting of a bar magnet move freely in the indicator housing

As per movement of the float inside the chamber. They turn 1800C from White to Red in an increasing level and Red to White in a decreasing level. These two distinct colours help distinguish the level of liquid and the other as empty portion of the vessel. This local indication is visible even from a distance. A scale is provided along the side of the indicator to read the actual measurement of level. The level of liquid in the vessel is optically displayed as a Red column even in case of power failure.


Khemas Level can be provided with switches as an accessory to give signals at any desired level throughout the range and is adjustable at site. Khemas Level can also be provided with Hot Water/Steam Jacketing.










Material of construction Chamber Pipe & Float


Standard-SS 304 Optional- SS 316, SS 316L PVC,PVDF,PTFE  Lined SS 304L                                                              

Connecting Pipe, Flange, Bottom Flanges Drain & Vent

C. Steel, SS 304, SS 316, SS 304L,SS 316L,PVC, PVDF,PTFE Lined


PVC – Standard upto 1500C Aluminium special above 1500C to 4000C

Fluid Pressure

Upto Max 200 kg/cm2  (g)

Fluid Temperature

Upto Max 4000C

Ambient Temperature

0 – 500C


Either Flanged / Screwed / Socketweld to suit vessel nozzle connection size and rating.

Fluid Density

500kg/m3 and above

Measuring Range Chamber

Upto 18 meters (Max) in batches of 3 mts with interconnection


Upto 2 mts in one unit above 2 mts in steps of 0.5 & 1 mts or as per customer requirement.

Measuring Accuracy

-+5 mm of measuring value for on-spot  indications


Aluminium engraved in centimeter and millimeter divisions on either side of indicator. Special scale in volume / percent or according to Customer requirement.

Indicator Housing

Aluminium with Polycarbonate / Acrylic Glass viewing window in weather proof construction.

Switch Housing

Cast Aluminium in weather proof IP 66 or Flame Proof to Gr.IIA & IIB:IS:2148:1981 construction.

Switch Type

Reed type switch with one or two SPST / SPDT contacts

Contract Rating

SPST – 250 Milli Amp. Potential free contacts with switch to open close on decreasing or increasing level SPDT – 5 Amp 110 / 230 VAC with relay Col supply 110 / 230VAC / 24VDC

Steam jacketing

St.Steel with 1/2” NPT (F) Connection – Standard Flange - Optional


Vent with plug at top or drain valve at bottom of the chamber

















Note:- We are happy to inform you that we have purchased Glasstube Forming machine and testing equipment from TRAC (Transducers and Controls Pvt.Ltd.) which has closed down its production.we are now in a position to supply same meters and spare parts earlier supplied by TRAC.