Glass Tube Rotameter


The Glass Tube varea meter is a variable aperture flowmeter designed to provide visual indication of flow of a wide range of liquids and gases.  The salient features of these instruments are

  • Robust construction-dowelled side plates
  • Interchangeable tube and floats
  • Flow range can be readily changed
  • O-Ring seals prevent transmission of pipe-line stresses to glass tube
  • Gland and gland plate construction for sealing
  • Vertical or rotatable horizontal connections
  • Materials of construction to suit most fluids
  • Fluted, heavy-wall borosilicate glass metering tubes with ends flame-polished
  • Positively guided metering floats
  • Wide-view windows front and rear


Materials of Construction
Metering Tube Heavy-wall Borosilicate glass
Metering float Stainless Steel - 8.04 g/cc
Hastelloy ‘C’ - 8.85 g/cc
Monel - 8.84 g/cc
Nickel - 8.87 g/cc
PTFE - 2.2 g/cc
End Fitting and O’
Ring Adaptors
Carbon steel
Stainless Steel
Hastelloy ‘C’
PTFE lined
‘O’ Rings Neoprene
Sizes Viton
Case and Covers PTFE
Accuracy + 2 % of full scale deflection
Rangeability 10 to 1

Note:- We are happy to inform you that we have purchased Glasstube Forming machine and testing equipment from TRAC (Transducers and Controls Pvt.Ltd.) which has closed down its production.we are now in a position to supply same meters and spare parts earlier supplied by TRAC.