Metal Tube Rotameter With Flow Switch

KHEMAS Metal  - Tube Varea - Meters are designed for and are the preferred choice for applications involving difficult fluids and use under temperature, pressure and process conditions which preclude the use of glass-tube meters.





METERING TUBE                          Stainless Steel Hastelloy C Monel PTFE Lined


METERING FLOAT                        Stainless Steel Hastelloy C Monel Loaded PTFE


SIZES                                              1/2" to 4”


PERFORMANCE ACCURACY       Standard -+2% of full scale Special -+1% of full scale


RANGEABILITY                              10 to 1


INDICATOR                                     6” Dial Flow Units Percentage of maximum flow


TEMPERATURE                              Fluid 3200C Indicator housing 0 to 500C


Note:- We are happy to inform you that we have purchased Glasstube Forming machine and testing equipment from TRAC (Transducers and Controls Pvt.Ltd.) which has closed down its production.we are now in a position to supply same meters and spare parts earlier supplied by TRAC.