Piston Type Metal Tube Flowmeter

KHEMAS FLOWLINE range of variable area flow meters are unique in offering flow measurement in any plane, including horizontal unlike the traditional variable-area flow meters which are restricted to the vertical position. The simplicity, versality and robustness of flow line ensures that measurement and distribution of almost all Fluids and gases including oil, water and air can be undertaken quickly and efficiently. Khemas Flowline meters can also be provided with one / two switches to provide Electrical Signal adjustable throughtout the range.


  • Mounts in any Position
  • Good viscosity stability
  • Accuracy within -+5%
  • Repeatablility within -+1%
  • Direct Reading
  • Rugged & Robust
  • Wide Operating Conditions
  • Special Scales to fit any application
  • Sizes – ¼”, ½”, ¾”, 1 ¼” & 3”
  • Range – 2 LPM to 1000 LPM Liquids 40 M3/HR 500M3 / HR Gases

Note:- We are happy to inform you that we have purchased Glasstube Forming machine and testing equipment from TRAC (Transducers and Controls Pvt.Ltd.) which has closed down its production.we are now in a position to supply same meters and spare parts earlier supplied by TRAC.