Side / Top Mounted Level Switches

Level switches are used on a wide scale in sewers and water works mostly in industrial facilities and manufacturing units. These are also used in housing complexes and water treatment plants. We, at Khemas Engineers use the best of technology along with superior engineering skills to manufacture best-in-class level switches. Our switches offer the best ways to maintain the upper and lower limits of liquids. These are manufactured with materials that are non rusting in nature, tensile and light weighted. These are ultra sensitive in sensing both low and high levels of liquids inside the tanks. The electrodes used in the tanks offer long life and apt measuring every single time. We supply all kinds of level switches at prices that are competitive in the market. The features of these level switches that we supply are inclusive of the following-

  • Technological design
  • Easily installation
  • Requires low level of maintenance
  • Apt in keeping liquid levels constant
  • Superb sensing ability

Note:- We are happy to inform you that we have purchased Glasstube Forming machine and testing equipment from TRAC (Transducers and Controls Pvt.Ltd.) which has closed down its production.we are now in a position to supply same meters and spare parts earlier supplied by TRAC.